• RoBook Digital Publishing Solutions company

    RoBook is a full-service digital publishing company, based in Germany, that targets in particular, authors, publishers, retailers and their international and local supply chain partners.


    What do we do in detail?

    We provide online tools, services, and support for the digitization, distribution and efficient marketing of digital products. Our software-as-a-service solution, based on multifunctional metadata management tool, and licenses management tool providing a consistent way for authors, publishers, retailers and their supply chain partners to communicate rich information about their products, using the international standard as product information in electronic form “ONIX”.

    RoBook has higher efficiency streamlined and automated processes, with an ability to direct distribution, marketing, plus faster sales collection from different platforms with utmost transparency. RoBook provides, through its related services, producing, distribution, management and marketing of all types of eBooks and Audiobooks, in a friendly user environment supported by reports system. The Arabic, Persian, Kurdish languages are the mainly targeting groups which are supported by our online tools and digital publishing services.


    Eintritt ins Programm: Februar 2018, Frankfurt

    Kontakt: Hasan Alhelwani, hasan(at)robook.de

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