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In FFM: Das social impact lab für Sozialunternehmen
  • Co-Working

    Workplaces, networks, shared services, coaching & consulting for social entrepreneurs, social startups and young people with a migration background



  • A great space with loft character for meetings, seminars, events and conferences for up to 200 people.


  • Social entrepreneurs, social start-ups and young people with a migration background on their way to becoming self-employed

  • Logo Andersgründer

    The AndersGründer project accompanies startups in the founding of their social enterprise through coaching, qualification, co-working and access to relevant networks.

    AndersGründer encourages and enables young people to create sustainable businesses by realising their ideas of solving a social problem. The experienced team of Social Impact GmbH, who have already helped realise almost 100 startups, will support young people in this process.



    The project ChancenNutzer offers young people with migration background space, qualification, contacts and coaching in order to become self-employed and for the development of their professional perspectives.

    ChancenNutzer is the first highly qualitative integrated program throughout Germany, which accompanies young unemployed people with migration background on the way of becoming self-employed, and which offers active and holistic occupational orientation for individuals. The support ranges from generating ideas, the formation of occupational goals or founding strategy, over qualification and coaching, to support during the initial phase and scaling process of a self-reliant job.


  • Events

    Lasst uns diskutieren zum Thema 'Essen für Alle' - Wir freuen uns auf einen spannenden Abend mit Inputs vom Social Impact Lab Frankfurt, Zukunftsinstitut Workshop, dem Ernährungsrat Frankfurt und ShoutOutLoud! Für die kulinarische Untermalung sorgt die Resteküche mit zero waste Pizza & Bier!

    25. September 2018 17:00 JA, ICH WILL - mich selbständig machen!

    • Du willst dich selbstständig machen oder ein Unternehmen gründen?

    • Du hast einen Migrationshintergrund oder bist neu in Deutschland?


    Infoveranstaltung für unser Stipendien-Programm ChancenNutzer im Social Impact Lab Frankfurt

    26. September 2018 19:00 Social Impact Camp #03

    Das Social Impact Lab Frankfurt und die Social Reporting Initiative e.V. laden zur Veranstaltungsreihe "Weiter.wirken Sozialunternehmertum" ein!

  • social impact lab Frankfurt

    Together for more innovation, more integration, more impact: in the heart of Frankfurt, the only nationwide centre for founders opened on 26th February 2014. For the first time in Germany, young people with a migration background and social entrepreneurs work under the same roof on business ideas and their professional development in the Frankfurt Social Impact Lab.

    The project partners have developed a separate programme for each group: AndersGründer and ChancenNutzer.

    AndersGründer, sponsored by the KfW Stiftung, is the first start-up centre in the Frankfurt area to focus directly on social innovations which aim at finding solutions for social problems in an entrepreneurial way.

    ChancenNutzer, sponsored by the JPMOrgan Chase Foundation, is the first nationwide  project to accompany young unemployed people with a migration background on their way to becoming self-employed. It offers holistic, individual professional orientation. The concept in Frankfurt is intended to be of a pilot nature for other founding centres in this field in Germany.


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Social Impact Lab Frankfurt ist eine gemeinsame Initiative der JPMorgan Chase Foundation,

der KfW Stiftung, der Beisheim Stiftung und der Social Impact gGmbH.